Comprehensive Skin Care system

Comprehensive Skin Care system


Multi-tera is a comprehensive skin care device with various core functions as well as post treatment functions. Multi-tera can be used in various ways depending on the facial conditions and needs. In particular, it relieves and restore swelling and redness preventing from inconvenience in your daily life.


  • 6 different modes for various skin condition.
  • Effectively helps absorbing active ingredients.
  • User-friendly interface and simple design.
  • Stop functions for user’s convenience.


Multi-tera is designed for multiple purposes and provides various platforms.
The functions can be freely separated and combined according to patient’s conditions.


Scrubbing Mode – Micro vibration helps removing old,dead skin cells using water molecules.

Moisturizing Mode & Lifting Mode – Micro vibration helps active ingredients penetrate deeply into skin.

Iontophoresis: Pin

The ionized components penetrates dermal layer using microcurrent with properties of electrode that repel same poles, but attract different poles.

It helps absorbing ionized components that typically experience difficulties penetrating skin through simple application.

Iontophoresis Clip

Apply necessary ampoule, essence, and medication to mask sheet and connect 4 clips to chin and forehead to provide nutrition.

Active ingredients can evenly be applied to skin without any user intervention.

Micro Current

The ionized component can penetrate the dermal layer through microcurrent.

It can be easily managed, even on curved areas such as the chin.

Cryo Therapy

The cool water from the therapy soothes, and quickly lowers the temperature of sensitive skin to reduce pore size.

Cooling and Electroporation simultaneously provide soothing and nourishment.


Electric pulses disrupt the phospholipid bilayer and create momentary holes to provide ampoules, essences, and medication.

Helps increase absorption of non-ionized components.


  • Scrubber

  • Ionto Pin

  • Ionto Clip

  • Micro Current

  • Cryo & Electro

  • Gnd


Optimized user
friendly UI

  • GUI – Scrubber Mode

  • GUI – Micro Current Mode

  • GUI – Iontophoresis: Pin Mode, Iontophoresis: Clip Mode

  • GUI – Cryo Therapy Mode, Electroporation Mode


MULTI_tera Specification
Applicator Scrubber
Micro Current
Ionto Pin
Ionto Clip
Usage Time 1 ~ 15 min
Power Consumption 50W
Power Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz
User Interface 4.3“ Touch LCD
Dimension(mm) [W x D x H] 262 x 312 x 160
Weight 4kg

* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
* Please be familiar with the precautions and usage methods before use.